The Offer

Supertec is offering you a 'no ties, no cost' Performance Tuning Session, which aims to improve the performance of your contact center in 2 short online sessions:

  1. Agent-Desktop Consultation
  2. Tune-Up Proposal

After these two sessions you will know exactly how quickly your agents' number 1 desktop pain could be removed, and how much this would cost. We guarantee that this will always be LESS than 2 weeks, LESS than US$ 15k, and WITHOUT any application development.

Agent Desktop Consultation

During this session you will be asked to demonstrate the applications and the interactions that are your agents' biggest concerns. This can be a mix of any application technologies as long as it is running on a MS Windows environment.

After this session we will write up a detailed proposal, showing exactly how things could be improved, how long this would take, and what the fixed costs are.

Tune-Up Proposal

During this session we review the proposal, giving you time to ask questions and provide feedback. This is the perfect time to brainstorm possible alternative or complementary scenarios.

After this session, you are free to decide if you want to take us up on the proposed or not. Although we hope that our offer will be too good to resist.

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