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After a solid one-year production use at a contact centre in UK, Swivelscript has proven it has reached a level of maturity where we feel it is ready to enrich 3rd party products. This means that we are now approaching companies who will benefit from embedding Swivelscript.

As you all know, Swivelscript is a lightweight integration product which can be configured and implemented within days to automate time-consuming 'copy & paste' operations between applications/windows, regardless of the underlying technology. In a nutshell, it cuts costs (time & error) by cutting keystrokes.

This means that the OEMs' products can be quickly integrated with the existing applications on the user's desktop, which in return will dramatically shorten the initial rollouts and the overall sales cycle.

Key Benefits

The key benefits of embedding Swivelscript are therefore threefold:

  1. it reduces the 'Time to Value' of initial implementations by reducing the amount of up-front "plumbing" work
  2. it increases the 'Agility' of implemented solutions by decoupling from the main release schedule
  3. it removes 'Barriers to Entry' by enabling the integration of cloud applications with on-premise OSS and BSS.

The OEMs that we consider will benefit greatly from embedding Swivelscript are the following:

Unified DesktopCRMCloud BPM

It is an exciting time as automating information transfer in order to cut cost will become, no doubt, more mainstream and at present there is no solution on the market that like Swivelscript:

  • can be implemented within days
  • can bridge web & desktop applications
  • is configured and deployed using only Javascript
  • runs inside the browser

If you are an OEM looking for an effortless solution to cut cost and time, contact us and we will get you ahead of the competition.


Swivelscript will not only save you time during your roll-outs but it will add a USP to your solution. Your client will benefit from the same advantages as you do. In other words, Swivelscript capabilities are delivered to you and the end-user of your solution. So your customers will receive embedded features which:

  • remove 'copy & paste' operations
  • increase time for customers
  • reduce errors
  • provide clear data visibility

Not to mention that all of these benefits can be enjoyed by your clients with NO server update and NO staff re-training

In the Press

“As cloud adoption continues to grow, customers require SaaS/Cloud vendors to take on many of the integration burdens formerly held by end-users. Customers concerns about integration represent both a threat and an opportunity for SaaS/Cloud providers. Failing to offer integration can negatively impact sales and create customer support issues, while offering integration capabilities can create a competitive advantage.” ref

Contact us now, and let us help you get ahead of your competiton.