Swivelscript Demos

LinkedIn Unlocked

  • LinkedIn contains a lot of useful data, but unfortunately this data is hard to use outside of LinkedIn. Swivelscript changes this. In this demo we will show you how easily data can be extracted, enriched and stored using Swivelscript. Swivelscript will save you hours of time-consuming 'copy & paste' movements and you will be able to use the extracted data much quicker.







  • This demo shows how Swivelscript can be used to remove repeated manual steps, and replace them with quick and easy to write Javascript automations. This means that if your job involves reviewing and tracking products, you will be able to collate your information nice and swiftly.





batch update with Excel

  • This demo shows how a large amount of data can be sent to Excel in a structured format thus ensuring that all account details remain accurate. Once sent, and once the user has updated the account details, these changes are automatically committed to Salesforce. Especially in Sales, time is money and here Swivelscript will save time and ensure error-free information transfer.




Salesforce to Sharepoint via Excel

  • This demo shows how image and text is copied automatically from Salesforce to Excel, and how this Excel file is automatically uploaded to Sharepoint. All this without using the Salesforce API, using only the Professional Edition. And again Swivelscript will not only save you time but also money.




Click here for a list of software programs that “work along” with Swivelscript.