The Founder

Swivelscript is a Super::tec product, a company which was founded by Edwin van der Sanden in 2010.

Edwin studied computer science at Fontys Hogescholen in Eindhoven (Holland) and has been an IT engineer since 1994. He has worked many years as a Consultant for companies such as Getronics, Case Consult, NetDynamics, Graddelt and Xchanging. His consultant years were spent working worldwide mostly in the Banking, Telecom & Insurance sector (Nomura, Telefonica, Orange, Xchanging).

In 2000 he joined Corizon, retiring as CTO in 2010 when Corizon was purchased by Versata. His years as VP of Engineering and CTO at Corizon, a start-up environment, taught him to deliver innovative and sustainable business solutions on a tight budget and time schedule. He also gathered extensive experience while working (managing & mentoring) on high profile projects with partners such as Accenture, Logica and Oracle. His responsibilities included consulting on client implementations on various product aspects.

Edwin has profound knowledge of the complete software development lifecycle and of tools used in agile environments. In addition, Edwin is very much up to date with current and emerging technologies and methodologies, which allows him to correctly analyse and select the suitable technology (product / solution) for a client's IT environment.

While working on-site, in contact centres, Edwin saw the need for a light-weight solution to automate the information transfer. So, based on his experience, skills and knowledge, he developed Swivelscript in 2010 and founded super::tec. By 2011 Swivelscript had already been deployed at a contact center. 2012 sees the next chapter of super::tec and Swivelscript with the OEM option for Swivelscript.

  • Two time winner of the Effective IT Awards (2007 and 2008)
  • 2006 & 2007, CNET Networks UF Business Technology Awards finalist
  • 2008 Oracle Open World Presentation
  • 2008 CCF European Call Centre Awards
  • 2009 UK IT Industry Awards